QR Codes for Emergency Use

Most of us have all been in a situation where you would like to be able to help someone; from helping a lost child, to assisting someone unable to convey a medical emergency. While there is a definate generation gap as to use of QR Codes in a emergency situation, when time is of the essence access to critical certain emergency information may save a life.
Simply download the QR Reader app provided to your Smart Phone, Android, or other smart device and simply scan the code. Information displayed:

Emergency Contact:

With this information, you can call 911 and be able to provide critical information, as well as notify worried loved ones.

Silicone Bracelet or Label

Whether your code is printed onto a laminated 1″x1″ label or silicone bracelet, Simply downloading the QR Reader to their phone will allow anyone to read your simple emergency information. While we recommend using the QR Reader app provided, most any barcode or QR reader will do the trick.